Magnetic properties of the oceanic igneous rocks (Table 1), supplement to: Wang, Daming; Van der Voo, Rob (2004): The hysteresis properties of multidomain magnetite and titanomagnetite/titanomaghemite in mid-ocean ridge basalts. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 220(1-2), 175-184

Daming Wang & Rob Van der Voo
Hysteresis measurements have been carried out on a suite of ocean-floor basalts with ages ranging from Quaternary to Cretaceous. Approximately linear, yet separate, relationships between coercivity (Bc) and the ratio of saturation remanence/saturation magnetization (Mrs/Ms) are observed for massive doleritic basalts with low-Ti magnetite and for pillow basalts with multi-domain titanomagnetites (with x= 0.6). Even when the MORB has undergone lowtemperature oxidation resulting in titanomaghemite, the parameters are still distinguishable, although offset from the trend...
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