High-resolution paleomagnetic investigation in the Iceland Basin, supplement to: Knudsen, Mads Faurschou; Niocaill, Conall M; Henderson, Gideon M (2006): High-resolution data of the Iceland Basin geomagnetic excursion from ODP sites 1063 and 983: Existence of intense flux patches during the excursion? Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 251(1-2), 18-32

Mads Faurschou Knudsen, Conall M Niocaill & Gideon M Henderson
Based on discrete samples, we report new high-resolution records of the ~185 kyr Iceland Basin (IB) geomagnetic excursion from Ocean Drilling Project (ODP) Site 1063 on the Bermuda Rise (sedimentation rate 32 cm/kyr) and from ODP Site 983 in the far North Atlantic (sedimentation rate 18 cm/kyr). Two records from Holes 1063A and 1063B are very consistent, and provide the highest resolution of the detailed field behaviour during the IB excursion obtained so far. Inclination...
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