Geochemistry of abyssal oceanic magmas, supplement to: Sinton, John M; Byerly, Gary R (1980): Silicic differentiates of abyssal oceanic magmas: Evidence for late-magmatic vapor transport of potassium. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 47(3), 423-430

John M Sinton & Gary R Byerly
Massive, nearly holocrystalline dolerites from DSDP Hole 417D contain from 0.5 to 1.5% of granophyric patches composed mainly of Na-plagioclase and quartz. These patches are compositionally similar to other crystalline silicic rocks from oceanic spreading centers and differ from rarer abyssal silicic glasses. Crystalline varieties with SiO2 > 60 wt.% generally have Na/K >10, whereas silicic glasses have Na/K in the range 3-6. While crystal fractionation readily accounts for the Na2O and K2O contents of...
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