Isotopic composition of Manihiki and Ontong Java basalts, supplement to: Mahoney, John J; Spencer, Khalil J (1991): Isotopic evidence for the origin of the Manihiki and Ontong Java oceanic plateaus. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 104(2-4), 196-210

John J Mahoney & Khalil J Spencer
Pb, Nd, and Sr isotopic results for lavas of the Cretaceous Ontong Java and Manihiki oceanic plateaus fall well within the modern-day oceanic island or hot pot field. The data provide no evidence of old continental basements but indicate a major involvement of 'Kerguelen-type' or 'EM-I'-like mantle in the sources of both plateaus, which appear to have probably been formed, at least in part, by hotspots. However, the presently active hotspots that Pacific plate reconstructions...
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