Interval transmissivities and permeabilities in ODP Hole 129-801C (Table 2), supplement to: Larson, Roger L; Fisher, Andrew T; Jarrard, Richard D; Becker, Keir; ODP Leg 144 Shipboard Scientific Pary (1993): Highly permeable and layered Jurassic oceanic crust in the western Pacific. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 119(1-2), 71-83

Roger L Larson, Andrew T Fisher, Richard D Jarrard, Keir Becker &
Bulk permeability was determined from drillstring packer measurements in ODP Hole 801C in Jurassic oceanic crust in the western Pacific. The values average 8 * 10**-14 m**2 over 93 m of open hole, or 4 * 10**-13 m**2 if the permeable interval is confined to an 18 m thick hydrothermal zone within oceanic basement. These values are about 1-10 times higher than those reported for the upper sections of Holes 395A, 504B and 735B in...
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