Geochemistry of oceanic flood basalts from the Caribbean plate, supplement to: Sinton, Christopher W; Duncan, Robert A; Storey, Michael; Lewis, J; Estrada, J J (1998): An oceanic flood basalt province within the Caribbean plate. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 155(3-4), 221-235

Christopher W Sinton, Robert A Duncan, Michael Storey, J Lewis & J J Estrada
The thick oceanic crust of the Caribbean plate appears to be the tectonized remnant of an eastern Pacific oceanic plateau that has been inserted between North and South America. The emplacement of the plateau into its present position has resulted in the obduction and exposure of its margins, providing an opportunity to study the age relations, internal structure and compositional features of the plateau. We present the results of 40Ar-39Ar radiometric dating, major-, trace-element, and...
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