Magnetic state of ocean basalts (Table 1), supplement to: Matzka, Jürgen; Krása, David; Kunzmann, Thomas; Schult, Axel; Petersen, Nikolai P (2003): Magnetic state of 10-40 Ma old ocean basalts and its implications for natural remanent magnetization. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 206(3-4), 541-553

Jürgen Matzka, David Krása, Thomas Kunzmann, Axel Schult & Nikolai P Petersen
The natural remanent magnetization (NRM) of ocean basalts, giving rise to the pattern of marine magnetic anomalies, is known to be of comparatively low intensity for about 20 Ma old oceanic crust. The aim of this study is to detect possible peculiarities in the rock magnetic properties of ocean basalts of this age, and to establish a link between magnetomineralogy, rock magnetic parameters, and the low NRM intensity. Ocean basalts covering ages from 0.7 to...
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