Geochemistry and Nd-Pb isotope ratios of sediments from the Lesser Antilles arc, supplement to: Carpentier, Marion; Chauvel, Catherine; Mattielli, Nadine (2008): Pb–Nd isotopic constraints on sedimentary input into the Lesser Antilles arc system. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 272(1-2), 199-211

Marion Carpentier, Catherine Chauvel & Nadine Mattielli
The Lesser Antilles arc is a particularly interesting island arc because it is presently very active, it is located perpendicular to the South American continent and its chemical and isotopic compositions display a strong north-south gradient. While the presence in the south of a thick pile of sedimentary material coming from the old South American continent has long been suspected to explain the geochemical gradient, previous studies failed to demonstrate unambiguously a direct link between...
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