Sedimentology and gas hydrates of IODP Expedition 311 samples, supplement to: Torres, Marta E; Tréhu, Anne M; Cespedes, N; Kastner, Miriam; Wortmann, Ulrich G; Kim, Jung-Hyun; Long, Philip E; Malinverno, Alberto; Pohlman, John W; Riedel, Michael; Collett, Tim S (2008): Methane hydrate formation in turbidite sediments of northern Cascadia, IODP Expedition 311. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 271(1-4), 170-180

Marta E Torres, Anne M Tréhu, N Cespedes, Miriam Kastner, Ulrich G Wortmann, Jung-Hyun Kim, Philip E Long, Alberto Malinverno, John W Pohlman, Michael Riedel & Tim S Collett
Expedition 311 of the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (IODP) to northern Cascadia recovered gas-hydrate bearing sediments along a SW-NE transect from the first ridge of the accretionary margin to the eastward limit of gas-hydrate stability. In this study we contrast the gas gas-hydrate distribution from two sites drilled ~ 8 km apart in different tectonic settings. At Site U1325, drilled on a depositional basin with nearly horizontal sedimentary sequences, the gas-hydrate distribution shows a trend...
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