Geochemistry of ODP Site 145-882, supplement to: Jaccard, Samuel L; Galbraith, Eric D; Sigman, Daniel M; Haug, Gerald H; Francois, Roger; Pedersen, Thomas F; Dulski, Peter; Thierstein, Hans R (2009): Subarctic Pacific evidence for a glacial deepening of the oceanic respired carbon pool. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 277(1-2), 156-165

Samuel L Jaccard, Eric D Galbraith, Daniel M Sigman, Gerald H Haug, Roger Francois, Thomas F Pedersen, Peter Dulski & Hans R Thierstein
Measurements of benthic foraminiferal cadmium:calcium (Cd/Ca) have indicated that the glacial-interglacial change in deep North Pacific phosphate (PO4) concentration was minimal, which has been taken by some workers as a sign that the biological pump did not store more carbon in the deep glacial ocean. Here we present sedimentary redox-sensitive trace metal records from Ocean Drilling Program (ODP) Site 882 (NW subarctic Pacific, water depth 3244 m) to make inferences about changes in deep North...
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