Geochemistry of basalts from the Caribbean Large Igneous Province, supplement to: Hauff, Folkmar; Hoernle, Kaj; Tilton, George; Graham, D W; Kerr, Andrew C (2000): Large volume recycling of oceanic lithosphere over short time scales: geochemical constraints from the Caribbean Large Igneous Province. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 174(3-4), 247-263

Folkmar Hauff, Kaj Hoernle, George Tilton, D W Graham & Andrew C Kerr
Oceanic flood basalts are poorly understood, short-term expressions of highly increased heat flux and mass flow within the convecting mantle. The uniqueness of the Caribbean Large Igneous Province (CLIP, 92-74 Ma) with respect to other Cretaceous oceanic plateaus is its extensive sub-aerial exposures, providing an excellent basis to investigate the temporal and compositional relationships within a starting plume head. We present major element, trace element and initial Sr-Nd-Pb isotope composition of 40 extrusive rocks from...
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