(Table 2) Mass balance calculations for ODP Hole 176-735B, supplement to: Dick, Henry J B; Natland, James H; Alt, Jeffrey C; Bach, Wolfgang; Bideau, Daniel; Gee, Jeff S; Haggas, Sarah L; Hertogen, Jan GH; Hirth, James Gregory; Holm, Paul Martin; Ildefonse, Benoit; Iturrino, Gerardo J; John, Barbara E; Kelley, Deborah S; Kikawa, Eiichi; Kingdon, Andrew; LeRoux, Petrus J; Maeda, Jinichiro; Meyer, Peter S; Miller, D Jay; Naslund, Howard Richard; Niu, Yaoling; Robinson, Paul T; Snow, Jonathan E; Stephen, Ralph A; Trimby, Patrick W; Worm, Horst-Ulrich; Yoshinobu, Aaron (2000): A long in situ section of the lower ocean crust: results of ODP Leg 176 drilling at the Southwest Indian Ridge. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 179(1), 31-51

Henry J B Dick, James H Natland, Jeffrey C Alt, Wolfgang Bach, Daniel Bideau, Jeff S Gee, Sarah L Haggas, Jan GH Hertogen, James Gregory Hirth, Paul Martin Holm, Benoit Ildefonse, Gerardo J Iturrino, Barbara E John, Deborah S Kelley, Eiichi Kikawa, Andrew Kingdon, Petrus J LeRoux, Jinichiro Maeda, Peter S Meyer, D Jay Miller, Howard Richard Naslund, Yaoling Niu, Paul T Robinson, Jonathan E Snow, Ralph A Stephen … & Aaron Yoshinobu
Ocean Drilling Program Leg 176 deepened Hole 735B in gabbroic lower ocean crust by 1 km to 1.5 km. The section has the physical properties of seismic layer 3, and a total magnetization sufficient by itself to account for the overlying lineated sea-surface magnetic anomaly. The rocks from Hole 735B are principally olivine gabbro, with evidence for two principal and many secondary intrusive events. There are innumerable late small ferrogabbro intrusions, often associated with shear...
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