Benthos fauna in the North Sea from 2 surveys in 1986 and 1987, supplement to: Frauenheim, Karin; Neumann, V; Thiel, Hjalmar; Türkay, Michael (1989): The distribution of the larger epifauna during summer and winter in the North Sea and its suitability for environmental monitoring. Senckenbergiana maritima, 20(3/4), 101-118

Karin Frauenheim, V Neumann, Hjalmar Thiel & Michael Türkay
During two surveys in the North Sea, in summer 1986 and in winter 1987, larger epibenthos was collected with a 2 m beam trawl. The distributions of the species were checked for average linkage by means of the JACCARD-index cluster analysis. In summer two main clusters can be recognized. These are situated to the north and to the south of the Dogger Bank. In winter two main clusters may be recognized as well, but these...
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