Depth, age, strontium isotopic ratios and trace elemental ratios of samples from thirteen DSDP and ODP holes, supplement to: Bralower, Timothy J; Fullagar, Paul D; Paull, Charles K; Dwyer, Gary S; Leckie, R Mark (1997): Mid-Cretaceous strontium-isotope stratigraphy of deep-sea sections. Geological Society of America Bulletin, 109(11), 1421-1442

Timothy J Bralower, Paul D Fullagar, Charles K Paull, Gary S Dwyer & R Mark Leckie
Large variations exist between published mid-Cretaceous (late Barremian to early Turonian stages) seawater Sr-isotope stratigraphies; this has resulted in disparate interpretations of crustal production rates. We report on a detailed investigation of seawater Sr-isotope stratigraphy based on foraminifers and, where available, on inoceramid bivalves from 12 mid-Cretaceous Deep Sea Drilling Project and Ocean Drilling Program sections. The effects of diagenesis are assessed using scanning electron microscope observations and trace-elemental analyses, but are best distinguished by...
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