Concentration of the rare-earth elements in metalliferous sediments from DSDP Leg 92 holes, supplement to: Barrett, T J; Jarvis, Ian (1988): Rare-earth element geochemistry of metalliferous sediments from DSDP Leg 92: The East Pacific Rise transect. Chemical Geology, 67(3-4), 243-259

T J Barrett & Ian Jarvis
DSDP Leg 92 drilled at four sites along an east-west transect at 19°S on the western flank of the East Pacific Rise (EPR), in an area where sediments are essentially a mixture of hydrothermal and biogenic components, with only a minimal contribution of clastic material. Rare-earth element (REE) data on the metalliferous (non-carbonate) fraction of samples ranging in age from ~2 to ~27 Ma indicate the existence of two distinct groups of patterns corresponding to...
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