Occurrence of hiatuses PH and NH 1 through NH 7 in DSDP holes, supplement to: Keller, Gerta; Barron, John A (1983): Paleoceanographic implications of Miocene deep-sea hiatuses. Geological Society of America Bulletin, 94(5), 590-613

Gerta Keller & John A Barron
Miocene paleoceanographic evolution exhibits major changes resulting from the opening and closing of passages, the subsequent changes in oceanic circulation, and development of major Antarctic glaciation. The consequences and timing of these events can be observed in variations in the distribution of deep-sea hiatuses, sedimentation patterns, and biogeographic distribution of planktic organisms. The opening of the Drake Passage in the latest Oligocene to early Miocene (25-20 Ma) resulted in the establishment of the deep circumpolar...
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