Composition of hardgrounds and of pore-water parameters in ODP Holes 166-1008 and 166-1009, supplement to: Malone, Mitchell J; Slowey, Niall C; Henderson, Gideon M (2001): Early diagenesis of shallow-water periplatform carbonate sediments, leeward margin, Great Bahama Bank (Ocean Drilling Program Leg 166). Geological Society of America Bulletin, 113(7), 881-894

Mitchell J Malone, Niall C Slowey & Gideon M Henderson
Mineralogic, petrographic, and geochemical analyses of sediments recovered from two Leg 166 Ocean Drilling Program cores on the western slope of Great Bahama Bank (308 m and 437 m water depth) are used to characterize early marine diagenesis of these shallow-water, periplatform carbonates. The most pronounced diagenetic products are well-lithified intervals found almost exclusively in glacial lowstand deposits and interpreted to have formed at or near the seafloor (i.e., hardgrounds). Hardground cements are composed of...
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