Foraminiferal study of ODP Hole 189-1171, supplement to: Pekar, Stephen F; Hucks, Audrey; Fuller, Michael D; Li, Shawna (2005): Glacioeustatic changes in the early and middle Eocene (51-42 Ma): Shallow-water stratigraphy from ODP Leg 189 Site 1171 (South Tasman Rise) and deep-sea d18O records. Geological Society of America Bulletin, 117(7-8), 1081-1093

Stephen F Pekar, Audrey Hucks, Michael D Fuller & Shawna Li
Sequence boundary ages determined in shallow-water sediments obtained from ODP (Ocean Drilling Program) Leg 189 Site 1171 (South Tasman Rise) compare well with other stratigraphic records (New Jersey, United States, and northwestern Europe) and d18O increases from deep-sea records, indicating that significant (>10 m) eustatic changes occurred during the early to middle Eocene (51-42 Ma). Sequence boundaries were identified and dated using lithology, bio- and magnetostratigraphy, water-depth changes, CaCO3 content, and physical properties (e.g., photospectrometry)....
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