Petrological parameters of sands and sandstones from DSDP and ODP holes in arc-related areas, supplement to: Marsaglia, Kathleen M; Ingersoll, Raymond V (1992): Compositional trends in arc-related, deep-marine sand and sandstone: A reassessment of magmatic-arc provenance. Geological Society of America Bulletin, 104(12), 1637-1649

Kathleen M Marsaglia & Raymond V Ingersoll
Detrital modes for 524 deep-marine sand and sandstone samples recovered on circum-Pacific, Caribbean, and Mediterranean legs of the Deep Sea Drilling Project and the Ocean Drilling Program form the basis for an actualistic model for arc-related provenance. This model refines the Dickinson and Suczek (1979) and Dickinson and others (1983) models and can be used to interpret the provenance/tectonic history of ancient arc-related sedimentary sequences. Four provenance groups are defined using QFL, QmKP, LmLvLs, and...
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