Isotopic composition of foraminifera from sediments of DSDP Legs 3, 6-9, 17, supplement to: Savin, Samuel M; Douglas, Robert G; Stehli, Francis G (1975): Tertiary marine paleotemperatures. Geological Society of America Bulletin, 86(11), 1499-1510

Samuel M Savin, Robert G Douglas & Francis G Stehli
Oxygen isotopic compositions of the tests of planktonic foraminifera from several Deep Sea Drilling Project sites provide a general picture of low-latitude marine temperatures from Maastrichtian time to the present. Bottom temperatures determined from the isotopic compositions of benthonic foraminifera are interpreted as being indicative of high-latitude surface temperatures. Prior to the beginning of middle Miocene time, high- and low-latitude temperatures changed in parallel fashion. Following an apparently small and short-lived drop in temperature near...
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