Argon and neodymium concentrations of ODP Site 145-884, supplement to: VanLaningham, Sam; Pisias, Nicklas G; Duncan, Robert A; Clift, Peter D (2009): Glacial-interglacial sediment transport to the Meiji Drift, northwest Pacific Ocean: Evidence for timing of Beringian outwashing. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 277(1-2), 64-72

Sam VanLaningham, Nicklas G Pisias, Robert A Duncan & Peter D Clift
A large sediment deposit known as the Meiji Drift, located in the northwestern Pacific Ocean, is thought to have formed from deep water exiting the Bering Sea, although no notable deep water forms there presently. We determine the terrigenous sources since 140 ka to the drift using bulk sediment 40Ar-39Ar and Nd isotopic analyses on the silt-sized (20-63 µm) terrigenous fraction from Ocean Drilling Program (ODP) Site 884 to reconstruct paleo-circulation patterns. There are large...
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