Isotope ratios of sediments from DSDP Hole 47-397 (Table 1), supplement to: Hoernle, Kaj; Tilton, George; Schmincke, Hans-Ulrich (1991): Sr-Nd-Pb isotopic evolution of Gran Canaria: evidence for shallow enriched mantle beneath the Canary Islands. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 106(1-4), 44-63

Kaj Hoernle, George Tilton & Hans-Ulrich Schmincke
We report the Sr, Nd and Pb isotopic compositions (1) of 66 lava flows and dikes spanning the circa 15 Myr subaerial volcanic history of Gran Canaria and (2) of five Miocene through Cretaceous sediment samples from DSDP site 397, located 100 km south of Gran Canaria. The isotope ratios of the Gran Canaria samples vary for 87Sr/86Sr: 0.70302-0.70346, for 143Nd/144Nd: 0.51275-0.51298, and for 206Pb/204Pb: 18.76-20.01. The Miocene and the Pliocene-Recent volcanics form distinct trends...
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