Paleomagnetic of ODP Hole 197-1203A, supplement to: Smirnov, Alexei; Tarduno, John A (2003): Magnetic hysteresis monitoring of Cretaceous submarine basaltic glass during Thellier paleointensity experiments: evidence for alteration and attendant low field bias. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 206(3-4), 571-585

Alexei Smirnov & John A Tarduno
On the basis of studies of Holocene samples,submarine basaltic glass (SBG) is thought to be an ideal paleointensity recorder because it contains unaltered single domain magnetic inclusions that yield Thellier paleointensity data of exceptional quality. To be useful as a recorder of the long-term geomagnetic field, older SBG must retain these optimal properties. Here, we examine this issue through rock magnetic and transmission electron microscope (TEM) analyses of Cretaceous SBG recovered at Ocean Drilling Program...
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