Trace element concentrations in zircons from ODP Holes 147-894G and 153-923A, supplement to: Coogan, Laurence A; Hinton, Richard W (2006): Do the trace element compositions of detrital zircons require Hadean continental crust? Geology, 34(8), 633-636

Laurence A Coogan & Richard W Hinton
The trace element compositions of Hadean zircons have been used in two ways to argue for the existence of Hadean continental crust. One argument is based on low crystallization temperatures of Hadean zircons that have been determined using a novel geothermometer based on the Ti content of zircons in equilibrium with rutile. The second argument is based on using the trace element abundances in zircons to calculate their parental melt compositions, especially the rare earth...
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