Average compositions and analyses range for clinopyroxene, olivines, orthopyroxene, and spinel from the MARK area at DSDP Site 45-395A, and ODP Site 153-920, supplement to: Ghose, Indraneel; Cannat, Mathilde; Seyler, Monique (1996): Transform fault effect on mantle melting in the MARK area (Mid-Atlantic Ridge south of the Kane transform). Geology, 24(12), 1139-1142

Indraneel Ghose, Mathilde Cannat & Monique Seyler
Mineral compositions of residual peridotites collected at various locations in the Mid-Atlantic Ridge south of the Kane transform (MARK area) are consistent with generally smaller degrees of melting in the mantle near the large offset Kane transform than near the other, small offset, axial discontinuities in the area. We propose that this transform fault effect is due to along-axis variations in the final depth of melting in the subaxial mantle, reflecting the colder thermal regime...
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