Trace element contents in zircons from oceanic crust, supplement to: Grimes, Craig B; John, Barbara E; Kelemen, Peter B; Mazdab, Frank K; Wooden, Joseph L; Cheadle, Michael J; Hanghøj, K; Schwartz, Joshua J (2007): Trace element chemistry of zircons from oceanic crust: A method for distinguishing detrital zircon provenance. Geology, 35(7), 643-646

Craig B Grimes, Barbara E John, Peter B Kelemen, Frank K Mazdab, Joseph L Wooden, Michael J Cheadle, K Hanghøj & Joshua J Schwartz
We present newly acquired trace element compositions for more than 300 zircon grains in 36 gabbros formed at the slow-spreading Mid-Atlantic and Southwest Indian Ridges. Rare earth element patterns for zircon from modern oceanic crust completely overlap with those for zircon crystallized in continental granitoids. However, plots of U versus Yb and U/Yb versus Hf or Y discriminate zircons crystallized in oceanic crust from continental zircon, and provide a relatively robust method for distinguishing zircons...
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