(Table DR1) Trace element contents in basalts from ODP Hole 33-317A, supplement to: Ingle, Stephanie; Mahoney, John J; Sato, Hiroshi; Coffin, Millard F; Kimura, Jun-Ichi; Hirano, Naoto; Nakanishi, Masao (2007): Depleted mantle wedge and sediment fingerprint in unusual basalts from the Manihiki Plateau, central Pacific Ocean. Geology 2007 35(7), 35(7), 595-598

Stephanie Ingle, John J Mahoney, Hiroshi Sato, Millard F Coffin, Jun-Ichi Kimura, Naoto Hirano & Masao Nakanishi
Numerous large igneous provinces formed in the Pacific Ocean during Early Cretaceous time, but their origins and relations are poorly understood. We present new geochronological and geochemical data on rocks from the Manihiki Plateau and compare these results to those for other Cretaceous Pacific plateaus. A dredged Manihiki basalt gives an 40Ar-39Ar age of 117.9+/-3.5 Ma (2 sigma), essentially contemporaneous with the Ontong Java Plateau ~2500 km to the west, and the possibly related Hikurangi...
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