Middle Miocene events in ODP and DSDP sites of the Ross Sea, supplement to: Bart, Philip J (2003): Were West Antarctic Ice Sheet grounding events in the Ross Sea a consequence of East Antarctic Ice Sheet expansion during the middle Miocene? Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 216(1-2), 93-107

Philip J Bart
Seismic correlation of glacial unconformities from the Ross Sea outer continental shelf to chronostratigraphic control at DSDP sites 272 and 273 indicates that at least two West Antarctic Ice Sheet (WAIS) expansions occurred during the early part of the middle Miocene (i.e. well before completion of continental-scale expansion of the East Antarctic Ice Sheet (EAIS) inferred from delta18O and eustatic shifts). Therefore, if the volume of the EAIS was indeed relatively low, and if the...
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