Ar and U-Th-Pb age determinations for minerals from ODP Holes of ODP Legs 173 and 210, supplement to: Jagoutz, Oliver; Müntener, Othmar; Manatschal, Gianreto; Rubatto, Daniela; Péron-Pinvidic, Gwenn; Turrin, Brent D; Villa, Igor M (2007): The rift-to-drift transition in the North Atlantic: A stuttering start of the MORB machine? Geology, 35(12), 1087-1090

Oliver Jagoutz, Othmar Müntener, Gianreto Manatschal, Daniela Rubatto, Gwenn Péron-Pinvidic, Brent D Turrin & Igor M Villa
We report U-Pb and 39Ar-40Ar measurements on plutonic rocks recovered from the Ocean Drilling Program (ODP) Legs 173 and 210. Drilling revealed continental crust (Sites 1067 and 1069) and exhumed mantle (Sites 1070 and 1068) along the Iberia margin and exhumed mantle (Site 1277) on the conjugate Newfoundland margin. Our data record a complex igneous and thermal history related to the transition from rifting to seafloor spreading. The results show that the rift-to-drift transition is...
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