Concentrations of Ti, Fe, and Al and radiogenic isotope data for sediments of ODP Leg 177, supplement to: Latimer, Jennifer C; Filippelli, Gabriel M; Hendy, Ingrid L; Gleason, James D; Blum, Joel D (2006): Glacial-interglacial terrigenous provenance in the southeastern Atlantic Ocean: The importance of deep-water sources and surface currents. Geology, 34(7), 545-548

Jennifer C Latimer, Gabriel M Filippelli, Ingrid L Hendy, James D Gleason & Joel D Blum
Identifying terrigenous sources in deep-sea sediments may reveal temporal trends in paleocirculation and the relative role of eolian, upwelled, and hemipelagic Fe sources to surface waters. Bulk elemental and isotopic geochemistry of deep-sea sediments recovered during Ocean Drilling Program Leg 177 in the southeastern Atlantic sector of the Southern Ocean reveal several important aspects of paleocirculation and terrigenous provenance. The sites studied span 43°-53°S and represent different oceanographic settings relative to regional hydrography and sediment...
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