Radiocarbon data, oxygen isotopic composition in foraminifera, freshwater diatoms data, and salinity estimations from ODP Holes 167-1019C and 167-1019D, supplement to: Lopes, C; Mix, Alan C (2009): Pleistocene megafloods in the northeast Pacific. Geology, 37(1), 79-82

C Lopes & Alan C Mix
Massive discharges of freshwater from the glacial lake Missoula to the northeast Pacific Ocean are thought to have sculpted the Channeled Scablands of eastern Washington and debouched via the Columbia River near 46°N. The dynamics and timing of these events and their impact on northeast Pacific circulation remain uncertain. Here we date marine records of anomalous freshwater inputs to the ocean based on freshwater diatoms, oxygen isotopes in foraminifera, and radiocarbon data. Low-salinity plumes from...
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