Strontium and oxygen isotope data for DSDP Hole 44-390A and ODP Leg 171 holes, supplement to: MacLeod, Kenneth G; Huber, Brian T; Isaza-Londoño, Carolina (2005): North Atlantic warming during global cooling at the end of the Cretaceous. Geology, 33(6), 437-440

Kenneth G MacLeod, Brian T Huber & Carolina Isaza-Londoño
Differences in regional responses to climate fluctuations are well documented on short time scales (e.g., El Niño-Southern Oscillation), but with the exception of latitudinal temperature gradients, regional patterns are seldom considered in discussions of ancient greenhouse climates. Contrary to the expectation of global warming or global cooling implicit in most treatments of climate evolution over millions of years, this paper shows that the North Atlantic warmed by as much as 6°C (1.5% decrease in d18O...
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