Geochemistry of Indian Ocean tephra and Afro-Arabian lavas, supplement to: Ukstins Peate, Ingrid; Baker, Joel A; Kent, Adam J R; Al-Kadasi, Mohamed; Al-Subbary, Abdulkarim; Ayalew, Dereje; Menzies, Martin (2003): Correlation of Indian Ocean tephra to individual Oligocene silicic eruptions from Afro-Arabian flood volcanism. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 211(3-4), 311-327

Ingrid Ukstins Peate, Joel A Baker, Adam J R Kent, Mohamed Al-Kadasi, Abdulkarim Al-Subbary, Dereje Ayalew & Martin Menzies
Widespread silicic pyroclastic eruptions of the Oligocene Afro-Arabian flood volcanic province (ignimbrites and airfall tuffs) produced up to 20% of the total flood volcanic stratigraphy (>6*10**4 km**3). Volumes of individual ignimbrites and tuffs exposed on land range from ~150 to >2000 km**3 and eight major units (15-100 m thick) were erupted in <2 Myr, placing these amongst the largest-magnitude silicic pyroclastic eruptions on Earth. They are compositionally distinctive time-stratigraphic markers which were deposited as co-ignimbrite...
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