Temperature observation of CORK installation during ODP Leg 168, supplement to: Davis, Earl E; Becker, Keir (2002): Observations of natural-state fluid pressures and temperatures in young oceanic crust and inferences regarding hydrothermal circulation. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 204(1-2), 231-248

Earl E Davis & Keir Becker
Four boreholes, drilled a few tens of meters into igneous basement on the eastern flank of the Juan de Fuca Ridge during ODP Leg 168, were sealed and instrumented for long-term monitoring to observe the hydrologic state of young sediment-sealed oceanic crust. The thermal regime is dominated by the effects of rapid fluid circulation in uppermost igneous basement driven by very small non-hydrostatic pressure gradients. Upper basement temperatures are uniform laterally between pairs of holes...
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