Latest Paleocene-earliest Eocene cyclostratigraphy, supplement to: Cramer, Benjamin S (2001): Latest Paleocene-earliest Eocene cyclostratigraphy: using core photographs for reconnaissance geophysical logging. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 186(2), 231-244

Benjamin S Cramer
I present a new method for reconnaissance cyclostratigraphic study of continuously cored boreholes: the generation of detailed sediment color logs by digitizing Ocean Drilling Program (ODP) core photographs. The reliability of the method is tested by comparison with the spectrophotometer color log for the uppermost Paleocene–lowermost Eocene section (Chron C24r) at ODP Hole 1051A. The color log generated from Hole 1051A core photographs is essentially identical to the spectrophotometer log. The method is applied to...
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