Chemistry of upper Eocene microtektites, supplement to: Whitehead, J; Papanastassiou, D A; Spray, J G; Grieve, R A F; Wasserburg, Gerald J (2000): Late Eocene impact ejecta: geochemical and isotopic connections with the Popigai impact structure. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 181(4), 473-487

J Whitehead, D A Papanastassiou, J G Spray, R A F Grieve & Gerald J Wasserburg
Late Eocene microtektites and crystal-bearing microkrystites extracted from DSDP and ODP cores from the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian oceans have been analyzed to address their provenance. A new analysis of Nd and Sr isotopic compositions confirms previous work and the assignment of the uppermost microtektite layer to the North American tektites, which are associated with the 35.5 Ma, 85 km diameter Chesapeake impact structure of Virginia, USA. Extensive major element and Nd and Sr isotopic...
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