Distribution of Ivory Coast microtektite layer, supplement to: Glass, B P; Kent, Dennis V; Schneider, David A; Tauxe, Lisa (1991): Ivory Coast microtektite strewn field: description and relation to the Jaramillo geomagnetic event. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 107(1), 182-196

B P Glass, Dennis V Kent, David A Schneider & Lisa Tauxe
During the present study the Ivory Coast microtektite layer was found in cores from five equatorial Atlantic sites, bringing the total number of Ivory Coast microtektite-bearing cores to eleven. The strewn field appears to be restricted to between 9°N and 12°S latitude. There is a general increase in the concentration of microtektites towards the Bosumtwi crater, which is generally thought to be the source of the Ivory Coast tektites. The relationship between the onset of...
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