Mg/Ca and Sr/Ca in calcites and estimated distribution coefficients in marine sediments (Table 2), supplement to: Delaney, Margaret Lois (1989): Temporal changes in interstitial water chemistry and calcite recrystallization in marine sediments. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 95(1-2), 23-37

Margaret Lois Delaney
Recrystallization processes in marine sediments can alter the extent to which biogenic calcite composition serves as a proxy of oceanic chemical and isotopic history. Models of calcite recrystallization developed to date have resulted in significant insights into these processes, but are not completely adequate to describe the conditions of recrystallization. Marine sediments frequently have concentration gradients in interstitial dissolved calcium, magnesium, and strontium which have probably evolved during sediment accumulation. Realistic, albeit simplified, models of...
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