Trace element composition of IODP Site 304-U1309 and 305-U1309 (Table A2), supplement to: Godard, Marguerite; Awaji, S; Hansen, H; Hellebrand, Eric; Brunelli, Daniele; Johnson, K; Yamasaki, T; Maeda, Jinichiro; Abratis, Michael; Christie, David M; Kato, Yasuhiro; Mariet, C; Rosner, Martin (2009): Geochemistry of a long in-situ section of intrusive slow-spread oceanic lithosphere: Results from IODP Site U1309 (Atlantis Massif, 30°N Mid-Atlantic-Ridge). Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 279(1-2), 110-122

Marguerite Godard, S Awaji, H Hansen, Eric Hellebrand, Daniele Brunelli, K Johnson, T Yamasaki, Jinichiro Maeda, Michael Abratis, David M Christie, Yasuhiro Kato, C Mariet & Martin Rosner
IODP Site U1309 was drilled at Atlantis Massif, an oceanic core complex, at 30°N on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge (MAR). We present the results of a bulk rock geochemical study (major and trace elements) carried out on 228 samples representative of the different lithologies sampled at this location.Over 96% of Hole U1309D is made up of gabbroic rocks. Diabases and basalts cross-cut the upper part of the section; they have depleted MORB compositions similar to basalts...
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