Thallium concentrations and isotope composition of MORB glasses and altered oceani crust from DSDP/ODP Hole 504B and DSDP Hole 52-417D, supplement to: Nielsen, Sune G; Rehkämper, Mark; Teagle, Damon A H; Butterfield, David A; Alt, Jeffrey C; Halliday, Alex N (2006): Hydrothermal fluid fluxes calculated from the isotopic mass balance of thallium in the ocean crust. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 251(1-2), 120-133

Sune G Nielsen, Mark Rehkämper, Damon A H Teagle, David A Butterfield, Jeffrey C Alt & Alex N Halliday
Hydrothermal fluids expelled from the seafloor at high and low temperatures play pivotal roles in controlling seawater chemistry. However, the magnitude of the high temperature water flux of mid-ocean ridge axes remains widely disputed and the volume of low temperature vent fluids at ridge flanks is virtually unconstrained. Here, we determine both high and low temperature hydrothermal fluid fluxes using the chemical and isotopic mass balance of the element thallium (Tl) in the ocean crust....
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