Planktic and benthic foraminifreral isotope data for ODP Site 207-1258, supplement to: Moriya, Kazuyoshi; Wilson, Paul A; Friedrich, Oliver; Erbacher, Jochen; Kawahata, Hodaka (2007): Testing for ice sheets during the mid-Cretaceous greenhouse using glassy foraminiferal calcite from the mid-Cenomanian tropics on Demerara Rise. Geology, 35(7), 615-618

Kazuyoshi Moriya, Paul A Wilson, Oliver Friedrich, Jochen Erbacher & Hodaka Kawahata
The mid-Cretaceous is widely considered the archetypal ice-free greenhouse interval in Earth history, with a thermal maximum around Cenomanian-Turonian boundary time (ca. 90 Ma). However, contemporaneous glaciations have been hypothesized based on sequence stratigraphic evidence for rapid sea-level oscillation and oxygen isotope excursions in records generated from carbonates of questionable preservation and/or of low resolution. We present new oxygen isotope records for the mid-Cenomanian Demerara Rise that are of much higher resolution than previously available,...
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