Gut content of holothurians from the NE Atlantic, supplement to: Roberts, Dai; Moore, H M; Berges, J; Patching, John W; Carton, Micheal W; Eardly, Donal F (2001): Sediment distribution, hydrolytic enzyme profiles and bacterial activities in the guts of Oneirophanta mutabilis, Psychropotes longicauda and Pseudostichopus villosus: what do they tell us about digestive strategies of abyssal holothurians? Progress in Oceanography, 50(1-4), 443-458

Dai Roberts, H M Moore, J Berges, John W Patching, Micheal W Carton & Donal F Eardly
This paper describes inter-specific differences in the distribution of sediment in the gut compartments and in the enzyme and bacterial profiles along the gut of abyssal holothurian species - Oneirophanta mutabilis, Psychropotes longicauda and Pseudostichopus villosus sampled from a eutrophic site in the NE Atlantic at different times of the year. Proportions of sediments, relative to total gut contents, in the pharynx, oesophagus, anterior and posterior intestine differed significantly in all the inter-species comparisons, but...
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