Morphometry and microphotographs of devonian stromatoporoids from southern Poland, supplement to: Wolniewicz, Pawel (2009): Late Famennian stromatoporoids from Debnik Anticline, southern Poland. Acta Palaeontologica Polonica, 54, 337-350

Pawel Wolniewicz
Famennian Stromatoporoidea from the Quasiendothyra communis Foraminiferal Zone and slightly younger strata from the Debnik anticline, southern Poland, form a succession of three consecutive assemblages. Assemblages 1 and 3 consist of representatives of the order Clathrodictyida, while assemblage 2 is dominated by the order Labechiida. The clathrodictyids are represented by the genus Gerronostroma, and labechiids are represented by the genus Stylostroma. Species assigned here to the genus Gerronostroma show a network of amalgamated pillars in...
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