Time series of ZOOSCAN images and results of zooplankton samples at Villefranche from 1966 to 2003, supplement to: Gorsky, Gabriel; Ohman, M D; Picheral, Marc; Gasparini, Stéphane; Stemmann, Lars; Romagnan, Jean-Baptiste; Cawood, A; Pesant, Stephane; García-Comas, Carmen; Prejge, Franck (2010): Digital zooplankton image analysis using the ZooScan integrated system. Journal of Plankton Research, 32(3), 285-303

Gabriel Gorsky, M D Ohman, Marc Picheral, Stéphane Gasparini, Lars Stemmann, Jean-Baptiste Romagnan, A Cawood, Stephane Pesant, Carmen García-Comas & Franck Prejge
ZooScan with ZooProcess and Plankton Identifier (PkID) software is an integrated analysis system for acquisition and classification of digital zooplankton images from preserved zooplankton samples. Zooplankton samples are digitized by the ZooScan and processed by ZooProcess and PkID in order to detect, enumerate, measure and classify the digitized objects. Here we present a semi-automatic approach that entails automated classification of images followed by manual validation, which allows rapid and accurate classification of zooplankton and abiotic...
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