Age determinations on sediment cores from the North Atlantic, supplement to: Bond, Gerard C; Heinrich, Hartmut; Broecker, Wallace S; Labeyrie, Laurent D; McManus, Jerry F; Andrews, John T; Huson, S; Jantschik, Ruediger; Clasen, Silke; Simet, Christine; Tedesco, Kathy; Klas, Mieczyslawa; Bonani, Georges; Ivy, Susan (1992): Evidence for massive discharges of icebergs into the North Atlantic ocean during the last glacial period. Nature, 360(6401), 245-249

Gerard C Bond, Hartmut Heinrich, Wallace S Broecker, Laurent D Labeyrie, Jerry F McManus, John T Andrews, S Huson, Ruediger Jantschik, Silke Clasen, Christine Simet, Kathy Tedesco, Mieczyslawa Klas, Georges Bonani & Susan Ivy
Sediments in the North Atlantic ocean contain as eries of layers that are rich in ice-rafted debris and unusally poor in foraminifera. Here we present evidence that the most recent six of the 'Heinrich layers', deposited between 14,000 and 70,000 years ago, record marked decreases in sea surface temperature and salinity, decreases in the flux of planktonic forminifera to the sediments, and short-lived, massive discharges of icebergs originating in eastern Canada. The path of the...
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