Methane flux of ODP Sites 190-1178 and 131-808 (Table 1), supplement to: He, Lijuan; Matsubayashi, Osamu; Lei, Xinglin (2006): Methane hydrate accumulation model for the Central Nankai accretionary prism. Marine Geology, 227(3-4), 201-214

Lijuan He, Osamu Matsubayashi & Xinglin Lei
A two-dimensional transient model of methane hydrate accumulation is designed and applied in the Nankai accretionary prism. Model results show that the formation and distribution of methane hydrate and free gas is related to value of the thermal flux, the fluid flux, the methane flux supplied from below, and methane source within the sediment. The duration of the methane flux is of significant importance. The older the sediments, implying a longer period of methane flux...
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