Concentrations of major and minor constituents of samples from the lower end of the cores from the eastern Mediterranean Sea (Table 2), supplement to: Haese, Ralf R; Hensen, Christian; de Lange, Gert Jan (2006): Pore water geochemistry of eastern Mediterranean mud volcanoes: Implications for fluid transport and fluid origin. Marine Geology, 225(1-4), 191-208

Ralf R Haese, Christian Hensen & Gert Jan de Lange
The pore water chemistry of mud volcanoes from the Olimpi Mud Volcano Field and the Anaximander Mountains in the eastern Mediterranean Sea have been studied for three major purposes: (1) modes and velocities of fluid transport were derived to assess the role of (upward) advection, and bioirrigation for benthic fluxes. (2) Differences in the fluid chemistry at sites of Milano mud volcano (Olimpi area) were compiled in a map to illustrate the spatial heterogeneity reflecting...
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