Chemistry and age determination of basement fluids from Juan de Fuca Ridge, supplement to: Elderfield, Henry; Wheat, C Geoffrey; Mottl, Michael J; Monnin, Christophe; Spiro, Baruch (1999): Fluid and geochemical transport through oceanic crust: a transect across the eastern flank of the Juan de Fuca Ridge. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 172(1-2), 151-165

Henry Elderfield, C Geoffrey Wheat, Michael J Mottl, Christophe Monnin & Baruch Spiro
The geochemical implications of thermally driven flow of seawater through oceanic crust on the mid-ocean ridge flank have been examined on a well-studied 80 km transect across the eastern flank of the Juan de Fuca Ridge at 48°N, using porewater and basement fluid samples obtained on ODP Leg 168. Fluid flow is recognised by near-basement reversals in porewater concentration gradients from altered values in the sediment section to seawater-like values in basaltic basement. In general,...
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