Chemistry of biogenic sediments from the equatorial Pacific, supplement to: Kryc, Kelly A; Murray, Richard W; Murray, David W (2003): Al-to-oxide and Ti-to-organic linkages in biogenic sediment: relationships to paleo-export production and bulk Al/Ti. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 211(1-2), 125-141

Kelly A Kryc, Richard W Murray & David W Murray
To increase our understanding of the mechanisms that control the distribution of Al and Ti within marine sediment, we performed sequential extractions targeting the chemical signatures of the loosely bound, exchangeable, carbonate, oxide, organic, opal, and residual fraction of sediment from a carbonate-dominated regime (equatorial Pacific) and from a mixed opal-terrigenous regime (West Antarctic Peninsula). We observe a systematic partitioning of Al and Ti between sediment phases that is related to bulk Al/Ti. We show...
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