Isotope ratios and trace element concentrations of basalts from DSDP Leg 15 sites (Appendix 1), supplement to: Thompson, Patricia M E; Kempton, Pamela D; White, Rosalind V; Kerr, Andrew C; Tarney, J; Saunders, Andrew D; Fitton, J Godfrey; McBirney, A (2003): Hf-Nd isotope constraints on the origin of the Cretaceous Caribbean plateau and its relationship to the Galápagos plume. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 217(1-2), 59-75

Patricia M E Thompson, Pamela D Kempton, Rosalind V White, Andrew C Kerr, J Tarney, Andrew D Saunders, J Godfrey Fitton & A McBirney
Formation of the Cretaceous Caribbean plateau, including the komatiites of Gorgona, has been linked to the currently active Galápagos hotspot. We use Hf-Nd isotopes and trace element data to characterise both the Caribbean plateau and the Galápagos hotspot, and to investigate the relationship between them. Four geochemical components are identified in the Galápagos mantle plume: two 'enriched' components with epsilon-Hf and epsilon-Nd similar to enriched components observed in other mantle plumes, one moderately enriched component...
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